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Getting Mediterranean imports has never been this accessible ever before. When you buy Mediterranean imported foods from us, even more so when it comes to Greek foods, the quality shows. Don’t settle for less than fantastic.

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Why Has Greek Food Become So Popular?

What makes Greek cuisine so beloved? Let's begin with its roots. The delectable combination of Greek dishes draws inspiration from a rich history shaped by diverse cultures. Some that we can find are the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Minoan, just to name a few. These cultures have helped mold the vibrant tapestry of modern Greek cooking.

Characterized by robust and harmonious flavors, Greek cuisine relies on staples like feta cheese, olives, oregano, mint, and garlic, offering a fresh and balanced taste. Culinary traditions such as slow-cooking meats and vegetable preservation using vinegar add depth and tonalities to these dishes.

So, in short, why the widespread adoration for Greek food?

The answer lies in its distinctive fusion of influences spanning millennia, crafting a culinary experience unlike many others. It's a symphony for the senses, inviting mindful enjoyment and communal sharing with loved ones.


What Are the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?

When Mediterranean Food Imports, specifically Mediterranean Cuisine, comes to mind, you might envision Italian pizzas, pastas, or lamb chops. However, these dishes don't quite align with what is actually "Mediterranean".

A genuine Mediterranean diet revolves around the region's traditional fare: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seafood, olive oil, and dairy.

These are some of the benefits the Mediterranean diet bestows:

  • The Mediterranean diet is good for your heart
  • The Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of stroke and the overall impact of the condition
  • This diet holds a strong influence in the upholding of cognitive health throughout time
  • It helps you keep your weight in check
  • You can prevent and manage diabetes much better
  • The Mediterranean diet helps you fight rheumatoid arthritis
  • You have high cancer prevention potential with it
  • The Mediterranean diet helps you combat depression

Why Are Ingredients So Important and Why Do Distributors Matter?

The authenticity of Greek recipes, coupled with the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients has forged a flavor profile ingrained in our shared consciousness through centuries of cultural influence. This amalgamation renders traditional Greek cuisine truly exceptional.

The ingredients are crucial because they are the heart and soul of the Mediterranean diet. Given their richness, it is of utmost importance that you get a Greek food distributor that provides authentic Greek food products for your restaurant.

When you fail to get a good Greek food distributor, the quality of the result is compromised, and so is your reputation. It’s better not to risk it all at the expense of saving a few dollars on foods that are no good or that are not high-quality Mediterranean food imports, even when being advertised as such.

Whether your store or restaurant is looking for wholesale feta cheese or even looking to purchase olives in bulk, Macar Foods has you covered!  

Our Role

Macar Foods ensures that all of the elements that are in your restaurant are 100% Greek and consistent with what you find in an actual Mediterranean diet.

With our deep knowledge of Greek cuisine, and our knack for only accepting the highest standards of quality make us your go-to option for Greek foods and ingredients. Contact us for more information.