Halal Meat Wholesale

It is important to get your Halal meat from a reputable source. Many Halal food distributors claim to extend their clients meat that has been obtained following strict principles, but quite many do not succeed. For this reason, you must always seek to get your Halal meat from trustworthy providers that can guarantee quality.

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What Is the Role of the Halal Meat Wholesaler?

The first question to be asked is, what does a wholesaler do? A wholesaler, whether an individual or a business entity, specializes in selling goods in large quantities to different retailers or outlets for further resale. This process may involve direct sales or intermediaries. By dealing in bulk quantities, wholesalers can offer you lower prices, cutting down on handling time and associated costs.

Typically handling large quantities, they might also accommodate smaller orders. While a halal meat distributor could be the product's manufacturer or producer, it's not a necessity for their role.

It is important to understand that the primary role of a halal meat wholesale company is to provide you with a high-quality product. The wholesaler is the one in charge of carefully picking the best products that suit your needs, all the while striving to give you the best ROI you can get.

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Halal Meat Wholesale

Halal Certification Process in the USA

The certification process involves the examination of various factors such as adherence to specific standards, methods of production, and logistics. The entire journey from the initial stages, like manufacturing or sourcing raw materials, to the final delivery of the product is meticulously scrutinized.

Certification bodies typically conduct comprehensive audits, encompassing a range of processes, which may include, but are not limited to: production protocols, from the reception and storage of raw materials to the processing methods; packaging and labeling procedures; various modes of transportation; and storage of finished products intended for sale.

This thereby ensures that Macar Foods, as your halal meat wholesale provider, gives you the best value without compromising on safety!

FAQ - Halal Meat Wholesale

What Does the Wholesale Process Consist of?

The process depends on the business model the wholesaler adopts. You have two different models:

  • The wholesaler buys products in bulk from manufacturers and subsequently sells these goods to retail outlets
  • The wholesaler manufactures its own products and directly sells them to retailers, who, in turn, sell the goods to consumers

Wholesalers might also sell products to clients directly depending on their structure, whether this client be an Arabic grocery wholesale organization or a consumer.

Products We Offer as Halal Meat Wholesale Providers

These are some of the Halal meat products we have for you:

  • Wholesale Soujuk/Sucuk
  • Salami, Mortadella
  • Beef Franks
  • Bastirma
  • Australian and New Zealand Lamb Rack
  • Australian Lamb Leg

At Macar Foods you can find brands of the likes of Anatolia, Nema, and Ohanyan’s, just to name a few. Make sure you check our catalog of available products.

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